2012 was a slow tornado season, but that didn't mean there weren't great storms. This year it was all about incredible storm structure, and we did still get to see 5 tornadoes. The last three days of the chase saw some of the most incredible storms in terms of structure that I've seen and the way that they just took over the atmosphere around them cannot be expressed in words or pictures, you had to be there to experience it.

Even though tornadoes weren't the main feature of the chase, we did get to see one really spectacular tornado in La Crosse, KS on May 25th. Not only was it by far the best night time tornado I've seen, it was the longest duration tornado I've seen, lasting 54 minutes as it traveled only about 11 miles. Definitely one of my top 5 tornadoes witnessed.

One other personal record was the longest I've ever driven in a day, 1004 miles on day 1 of the tour, from OKC all the way to Aberdeen, SD, with 3 hours of chasing in between!

After the chaos that was the 2011 season, this slightly more laid back chase was as much fun as I've had chasing in quite a while!

2012 Chase Logs / Summary

2012 Photo Album:
2012 Photo Album with captions

May 25th La Crosse, KS tornado

Chase Day Pages:

May 25th, 2012: Awesome nighttime tornado near La Crosse, KS.

May 28th, 2012: Monster hail storm from Seymour to Woodson, TX

May 29nd, 2012: Fantastically structured tornadic supercell from Kingfisher to Piedmont, OK.

May 30th, 2012: Another beautifully structured monster supercell from Paducah to Munday, TX.

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