2002 was notable because it was the year I saw my first tornado. It was also the first year I was out chasing when I really had an understanding of what I was doing! The tornado we saw near Turpin, OK was a landspout that got pushed out by the RFD wind of a storm we'd been chasing, giving it sort of an elephant trunk look. It was a nice prize since because we started in Lamar, Colorado we had been late to the storm and missed an earlier tornado near Sublette, KS.

2002 Photo Albums:
Storm Chasing June 12-20, 2002

Chase Day Pages:

June 12, 2002:  Outflow dominant supercells near Alva, OK with many gustnadoes and lots of lightning.

June 15, 2002:  A great, LONG  chase day! Saw a nice landspout near Turpin, OK, and some terrific lightning near Pampa, TX.

All pictures (C) Richard Hamel 2017.

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