June 2nd, 2006 Black Hills, SD High-Based Storms 

We drove up through Wyoming today from Denver with the idea of taking the group to Devil's Tower since we had an off day. We made it to within about 60 miles when a couple of small storms blew up and we went careening through the Black Hills after them. I did finally get to see Devil's Tower far off in the distance. The storms had very nice structure but they were severely high-based and I donít believe they ever went severe. Finally, the storms collapsed and we went to Mount Rushmore. I'd never been there either.

We spent the night in Spearfish, SD with the intent of chasing in Nebraska or South Dakota the next day.

SPC Convective Outlook
                   SPC Tornado Prob.                       NOAA Storm Report


Two storms explode simultaneously off to our east. Both storms start to anvil. A close up of the southern storm. Two fully developed storms. Look how high-based these things are!
The southern storm pulses again, forming a new, but lower anvil. The storm is weakening. We head off into the Black Hills for some touristing. One more look at the storm through the hills.    

All pictures (C) Richard Hamel 2017.

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