August 21st, 2004 Wrentham / Franklin, MA Tornado Damage


On August 21st, a strong linear system with bow-echo characteristics plowed through Massachusetts.  In Central Mass., the line broke in two and the northern end of the southern part of the line briefly became supercellular. As the storm moved northeasterly across the Rhode Island / Massachusetts border, the storm produced a brief, rain wrapped tornado which did F0 and F1 damage along it's 6 mile long damage path. Using the very detailed NWS Taunton storm report, I took a ride down to look at the damage and found widespread tree destruction along the path. The tornado did F1 damage in two small areas, one early in it's path and another after moving across Lake Pearl in Wrentham and picking up intensity. It's amazing how much tree damage a week tornado can do in heavily forested area!

SPC Convective Outlook
                   SPC Tornado Prob.                       NOAA Storm Report


Trees down right at the initial touchdown point. More tree damage Large oak trees snapped at the trunk. Some of the F1 damage: Deck crushed by falling trees.

All pictures (C) Richard Hamel 2017.

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